Corte Inglés Federico Soto

The same old Tribeca, but now at your trusted El Corte Inglés. Same essence, but in a completely different environment. The perfect place to enjoy your favorite dishes in good company.

San Fernando

In 1975, we inaugurated the Frankfurt, which became the meeting place for an entire generation. From the classic sausage shop, we transitioned to making burgers and sandwiches, and that’s how Tribeca was born. Even with many years behind us, we maintain our tradition intact and have the same goal as before: to offer products of […]



Just in this month

La Irreverente


As a base, the traditional Coca, on top of which the crunchy touch is provided by the corn chips, we continue with the explosion of flavors through chili con carne, guacamole, melted cheese, fresh pico de gallo and the spicy touch of jalapeños.