San Fernando

C. San Fernando, 18, 03002 Alicante

In 1975, we inaugurated the Frankfurt, which became the meeting place for an entire generation. From the classic sausage shop, we transitioned to making burgers and sandwiches, and that’s how Tribeca was born.

Even with many years behind us, we maintain our tradition intact and have the same goal as before: to offer products of exceptional quality in a unique space where unforgettable moments are created.



From Monday to Friday* (12:30 - 16:00) at Tribeca San Fernando.

House Burger or Buddha Bowl + Dessert + Drink.


Main dishes: House Burger with French fries or Buddha Bowl (choice of chicken or vegan).

Dessert: Mini Cheesecake.

Drink: Water, soft drink, or Mahou beer.

*Except on holidays and eve of holidays.